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In the Valley of Sperchios River, right in the heart of Fthiotida, our family produces uninterruptedly since 1970 a highly qualitative pistachio, which is rich in nutritional components and has a marvelous taste.
The pistachio is produced in guidance with retaining impresishable the quality and its beneficil elements, by taking full advantage of the microclimate of the area, combined with the high productivit of our land.
We produce our pistachios with the mostcareful attention and care in order to guarantee the sustainable growth of cultivation respecting at the same time the enviroment and ecosystem. All we really do, is making the most of all the treasures and virtues that the Greek soil provides for all of us.


Our products

We present our packages...innovation meets tradition and special product, full of excellent taste, scent and appearance is in our hands.

Polygonal package


Polygonal package 50gr.

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Triangular package 30gr

(2*15 gr)


Our pistachios have a long history that began about 30 years ago in the village of Fthiotida, Arxani. The first who started to plant pistachio was Gogias I. and after a few years of care, to produce pistachios with mercurial and to market them. This production has continued for years and nowadays reaches two generations.


We, the younger ones, decided to continue production and develop it, so we created various refined pistachio products. On our new site, you will find these products as well as natural pistachios.

Our pistachios are produced with the utmost care and according to international standards, at our facilities in the village of Arxani.

Our vision is to produce and dispose of our pistachios and products all over the world so that they can enjoy them in every corner of the Earth.

Our Goals 

  • We have profoundly understood that sustainable development and a life full of quality, health and well-being Interrelate closely with the respect for and the protection of the natural environment and ecosystem. So we are keen to promote:

  • Mild gentle cultivation and production methods that are environmentally friendly.

  • A balanced lifestyle with nutrition as the key to disease prevention, good health and well-being.

  • The value of health-protection products provided by Greek nature

  • Optimum Greek pistachios of the Greek land


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